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Setup/Breakdown Courts
Our bocce posse has gone through a series of indoor temporary courts over the last few years. We call them "temporary" or "setup/breakdown" courts because we set them up to play (usually indoors on carpet or Astroturf) and break them down when we are finished.

Above (set up in an old mill building in Lawrence, MA) is our first generation of temporary court. Two by tens set up on Astroturf and connected with hinges and wooden pegs.

The next generation - we found that the two by tens warped after a while and went to 6" by 6" by 8' timbers.

A closer look at the timbers. Four courts set up for league play. We laid the timbers down end to end to frame off 12' by 72' courts. We used 33 timbers for each "double" court. We placed 3 at each end (24 feet) and 3 rows of 9 each end to end at right angles to these (the courts shared a middle row of timbers). Thus we framed off a big rectangle enclosing two courts. No hardware - just butted them up neatly. When we needed four courts we framed off another 33 timbers.

A new bocce venue (a baseball/softball facility in North Andover, MA with Astroturf flooring) and the third generation of court - white vinyl fence posts cleverly fashioned into bocce courts. The timbers of the previous generation courts proved too heavy for many of our seniors to lift. Click the photo for more details.

An aerial view. We let spectators pull up chairs on the adjoining courts to watch the tournament finals.

Interested in purchasing this type of vinyl court for your venue? Our friends at Martignetti Enterprises will build them for you. Email Mario@JoyofBocce.com and we can discuss dimensions, etc. Or call my voicemail at 800-211-1202 ext 4949 and leave your phone number. I'll return the call.

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