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Protecting Courts
From The Elements

Tom McNutt (Boccemon.com) says..."I have referred several people to a product made by Awn-Tex." http://www.fabricsandvinyls.com/products/awntex/index.htm {Click the photo above to view Awn-Tex web site.}

"What I like best about this product is that it is permeable, durable, and comes in many colors. The down side of any cover is that it produces shade and this in turn is a perfect breeding ground for moss communities. If this is an acceptable side effect have the tent or awning company place grommets every 2' around the perimeter for easy tie downs. We like to refer folks to Rainier Tent at http://www.rainier.com/ ."

"A modified roller typical for use with swimming pool covers works great for this use. Moderately trade smart folks can put one together. With access or ability to perform a few welds one can easily make their own. I am attaching photos of one on Pearl Island, off the western Washington coast. This is so easy for folks who have seasonal courts."

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