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Using A Ladder To Rank Players
In Order of Pointing Skills

These photos show how we set up a bocce ladder to rank players in order of pointing skills. Each player rolls 8 balls attempting to get as close as possible to the pallino (which we place at center court 16 feet from the end of our 80 foot courts).

After each ball comes to rest, we measure and record the distance. Since precision measurements are not critical, we measure from the target ball to the center of the bocce ball.

After each ball is rolled, measured, and recorded, we move it out of the way so that the next ball played will have a clear path to the target. For complete details on the ladder and how we use it to select and balance teams for league play, see The Joy of Bocce Weekly, Volume 1 - #48 or click the photo above.

Armando says "If I needed a ladder I'd go to The Home Depot!"

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