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In This Issue: Vol. X, Issue 42 - December 26, 2011 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 10, Issue #42 - December 26, 2011
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2011
76 Emsley Terrace, Methuen, MA 01844 (vm 800-211-1202 ext 4949)

Hope Santa was good to all,

It looks like 2012 will be a good year for bocce. I already have a number of events scheduled. We have tourneys, fund-raisers, courts to build, and corporate outings planned. And when we have lots of activity here in New England, that bodes well for bocce in the rest of the country.

I'll be headed to the Pacific Northwest for The 10th Annual Bellingham Bay Tournament in April (4/21/12) and rushing back East for our money tourney which will be the following week in Providence, RI (4/28 & 29). I hope to see many of you in one part of the USA or the other. I'm looking forward to meeting the Boccemon, Tom McNutt, who's one of the "good guys" of bocce.

I expect things will be ironed out for the Providence event by the next issue (or two) which will begin our eleventh year of the ezine's publication. Maybe I'll start a blog for bocce in 2012 and eventually, I guess I'll have to figure out how to work with Facebook.

My best to all for 2012!

Stay close and always be up front,
Mario Pagnoni (The Bocce Guy)

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Color coding with stickers to run an event...

Bocce news and readers' feedback...
{Publisher's comments in brackets}

I still like this lighted set by Playaboule. Still not too late to order for the holidays.

Playaboule V3 Lighted Bocce Ball Set DELUXE Glow (LED) 107mm

{Click the photo for more info}

I've evaluated these and they are great. They're very sturdy and obviously of high quality. What a bonus - they're the "right" size for bocce – 107 mm.

These are not the balls that glow under black lights, these have internal lights that blink when you activate them.

All you need do is turn the cap on each ball clockwise to start its light flashing. Turn the cap counterclockwise to turn off the light. These are great fun to play on the carpet in the rec room with the lights turned off. Children and adults seem to like them equally well.

Playaboule always has the most reasonably priced bocce items on the web. Their low prices make some of us in the "bocce business” wonder how they make any money.

Worth every penny of the $99.95 list price, this set is well worth the $84.95 sale price.

For more info or to order, check out Playaboule's web site which includes some well done videos on how the light up bocce set works. {Click the picture above - copyright Playaboule}


Wayne Farinacci sent a great link from Sports Illustrated about the very first World Series of Bocce (1974) in Rome, NY and the following...

"Yes, the first World Series of Bocce was held in 1974. I read about it in Sports Illustrated and decided to put a team together for 1975. We lost our first game, beat a women's team in the losers bracket, then lost again and were out. On the way home, we decided we had to build a bocce court in order to be competitive.

We had been playing bocce on the grass for years. I have never missed a year, except the first one. I have participated 36 consecutive years and have made many friends in Rome. My kids started to go when they turned 18."

{My son and I built our first court many years ago after getting spanked pretty good at the Pontelandolfo Club in Connecticut. At the time we thought we were great players, because we beat everyone on grass courts. Alas! We learned.}


Bob Mele sent this link to photos from the 2011 Sons of Italy Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Tournament held in Watertown, Mass.


$8400 Bocce Tourney at Freeway Lanes of Wickliffe, Ohio

February 11 & 12, 2012

Click for a pdf:

1st place $4000
2nd place $2000
3rd place $1000
4th place $800
5th place $600

Contact or call her at 440-585-5800


Every so often we field an email from someone looking for "official" bocce shoes. Many players wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes but some really experienced players wear a shoe that is similar to a bowling shoe. I know had them at one time for sale. If anyone knows of a bocce shoe supplier, please REPLY.

"First I would like to say I purchased one of your books 3rd edition, but really haven't had time to put my nose into it lately. From what I have read I really can learn a ton from you. I appreciate what you do for the sport. I feel like it was a great purchase and I can't wait until I can get the time to read it.

Anyways, I was wondering if you know where I can find a pair of Bocce shoes? I found a few pairs on one site, but can't remember what the site was."


Tom from El Cajon, a small city about 20 miles east of San Diego, California wrote in response to terms for pallino and other bocce jargon. His group calls the second closest opponents' ball to the pallino the "cutter".

"We call the closest ball, the point ball. We call the next closest opponents ball, the cutter. It's called the cutter because it 'cuts out' any other point balls that are further from the palino.

I enjoy your Bocce newsletter. There are not a lot of active players here. Wish that would change."




We should all be card carrying members. Every club should be affiliated. For the sport to gain the attention it needs we need to boast of many thousands of members. Download a USBF Membership Application here: . or



Orange Memorial Park, So. San Francisco...

Perfetta Club Pro set of 4 red, 4 green, pallino, carry bag...

Photos of the week
Michael Grasser of sends photos of this year's Pallino d'Oro held at the Palazzo di Bocce. The event is in a Singles format with the American Championship held one day and the North American the next.

Says Grasser, "American and North American Pallino D’ Oro tournaments took place in October at the Palazzo Di Bocce in Lake Orion, Michigan. Winners of American are first Jason Wisniewski, second Pat Pezzin, third Dr. Joe Masternick, fourth Americo Rizza.

Winners of the North American Pallino D’ Oro are first Jose Botto, second Pat Pezzin, third Jason Wisniewski, fourth Joe De Filippis. Finished the tournament in two days. Winners received beautiful trophies and $6,000.00 in prize money. Da Vinci Bocce L.L.C. sponsored the entire event."

Check out the photos of the winners in each by clicking the photo right or link below.

Click for Pallino d'Oro 2011

Bocce product of the week
Holiday Bocce Gift Ideas...

Bocce sets, books, measures, embroidered items. Check them out.

Will ship right away.

Click to see some bocce gift ideas...

More bocce products of the week...
Premier Boules Measure - regularly $26.95

Red and Green chamois - regularly $14.95 each or $29.90

Joy of Bocce 4th edition - regularly $15.00

All four items retail for $71.85. Buy Now and get the 4 items for a total of $55 plus shipping.

Offer expires 12/31/11

Tournament update
{chronological order}



Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


Please consider designating someone as "official event photographer" and directing that person to send snapshots for us to reproduce as photos of the week. Our readers love seeing bocce action from around the continent.


January 21, 2012 - Massachusetts - Methuen. Sons of Italy Lodge #902 Novice Tournament. Four player teams. Pool Play followed by single elimination. Teams vie for Dinner for 4, Lunch for 4, and Breakfast for 4. Old Pros need not apply - intermediate/novice players only. Contact Mario Pagnoni @


January 22, 2012 - Masachusetts - Methuen. Cash tourney limited to 16 teams at Sons of Italy Lodge # 902. Open to 16 teams - double elimination. Contact Mario Pagnoni @ .


February 11 & 12, 2012. Ohio - Wickliffe. Freeway Lanes. $8400 Bocce Tourney. $4000 first prize - four-player teams. Contact or 440-585-5800 ext 130.


March 11 - 17, 2012 - California - Campo di Bocce of Livermore. First California Senior Games Bocce Tourney. For more info contact or
Click for a pdf file:


April 21, 2012. Washington - Bellingham. 10th Annual Bellingham Bay Bocce Tournament. Contact . {I'll be in attendace this time - please come by and say "Hello."}


April 28 & 29, 2012. Rhode Island - Providence. Two-day Cash tournament. Held at Dunkin Donuts Center. Details to follow shortly as they become available. Contact Mario Pagnoni @ .


June 17, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Open Doubles Tourney (June 18 is the rain date). Double elimination or round robin depending on # of teams. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


July 7, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Men's Singles Tourney (July 8 rain date). Double elimination or round robin depending on # of teams. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


July 14, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Women's Singles Tourney (July 15 the rain date). Double elimination or round robin depending on # of teams. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


July 21, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Novice Singles Tourney. A novice is any player whose name is not on a courtside BBC plaque for a first or second place finish in either singles or doubles. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


July 21, 2012 - {1:30 PM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Novice Doubles Tourney. A novice is any player whose name is not on a courtside BBC plaque for a first or second place finish in either singles or doubles. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


August 4, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Mixed Doubles Tourney (August 5 rain date). Depending on number of entrants, the tournament will either be double elimination or round robin. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


August 11 & 12, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Vermont Senior Games. Singles on Saturday, Doubles on Sunday. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


September 8, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. 9/9 rain date. Ladder Tournament's Championship Tourney. Players in positions 2 - 5 will have a double elimination tournament to determine who will play the season champion in the tournament final. A player, including the season champion. will be eliminated from the tournament after two losses. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


September 29 & 30, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. Burlington Bocce Championship. Singles on Saturday, Doubles on Sunday. October 6 & 7 rain dates). Depending on number of entrants, the tournament will either be double elimination or round robin. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .


October 13, 2012 - {9:00 AM Start} Vermont - Burlington. This tournament is open to anyone who has placed first in a singles or doubles championship on BBC's courts during the 2012 season. October 14 rain date. Contact Zander Ponzo @ .

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