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Mia Maria's 4th Annual Bocce Festival

The venue: Frontier Park's Indian Village, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sue Castaneda photos submitted by Jeffrey Thompson.

Mia Maria (Sons of Italy Lodge #2813) hosts the yearly event which is for two-player teams.

Securing sponsors for each court is always a good idea.

Looks like the courts are marked off on the grass with marking paint.

Two-player teams (doubles) is a great way to play. Each player rolls two balls and the teams walk back and forth playing both ends of the court. Sometimes you see doubles games where one teammate is stationed at each end rolling four balls. I prefer true doubles where you play both ends of the court.

Referee? Crossing Guard? Either way, I bet the players don't give him any static. That's actually Jeff Thompson who says "For the courts I made a template out of 1" PVC, 10ft x 40ft and used non-toxic white field marking paint. We had 8 courts. The paint held up nicely to the rain. The judges wore orange vests (Wyoming is a hunting state)."

A big plus = good raffle prizes and a competent volunteer to oversee things.

VERY big plus for guys like me - the chow line.

This photo and the next are what Jeff Thompson calls "artsi crafti" shots of a unique measuring device used at the event. Says Thompson, "Our measuring devices were made by a couple of members of our chapter, Chris Aldrich and John Groth. The device goes over a 40mm pallino (we have a couple the will fit over 50-60mm pallinos) and yes, it pivots around to measure."

Bocce balls used for the tourney are 100 mm composite balls and a 40 mm pallino by Halex.

The event's founding family. L - R: Marc Rauzi, Jim Rauzi and Matt Rauzi.

The tourney winners, Jim and Cassie Rauzi - August 15, 2009. Looks like they use light-weight plastic balls on the grass courts.

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