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Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Watertown Bocce Tourney 2011

The "Big Wheels" at the Grand Lodge run the bocce event annually.

Twenty-two teams in the Men's Division, a few less on the Women's side.

A little court maintenance before we get started. Click the photo to learn about the 7 foot drag brush shown above.

Play ball!

The action gets fast and furious with two well groomed courts reserved for the men and two for the women.

My team played pretty well until we ran into this fellow in the center - a very good player!

This strong team is getting their "game face" on.

Interesting scoreboard #1 - they play games to 12 but 15 in the finals.

Interesting scoreboard #2 - this one goes top down.

Two more excellent courts for the Women's Division.

Lighted bocce courts adjacent to the tennis courts.

We played bocce, dined on fine Italian food, and met some players from around the state. A good day!

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