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Il Vagabondo

Il Vagabondo @ 351 East 62nd St., NYC has great food and an indoor bocce court.

Il Vagabondo is a terrific restaurant with walls filled with photos of celebrities who've visited as well as charming old bocce pictures.

One section of the restaurant has a bocce court flanked by a row of dining tables.

The house rules are designed for the safety of the patrons and to keep the flow of diners moving.

The target is a metal washer (remains stationary). This prevents the possibility of a pallino being hit and ricocheting into the crowd.

Ball rack with padding below.

Heavy roller for court maintenance. Note the ditch at the end. Balls entering the ditch are "dead" and may not score a point.

Keep score on the chalk board.

On the Saturday evening I visited the place was hopping! The food was outstanding (Veal Vagabondo was my choice). Antipasto, salads, pasta dishes, chicken, veal, steak and seafood are all popular selections.

The stereotypical glass of wine in one hand and bocce ball in the other.

Great fun to play while you wait for your table and/or to settle the tab (management frowns on gambling, though).

The bocce action draws fans and the court does a great service in exposing the game to patrons.

Il Vagabondo has bocce balls for sale and even offers parties termed "Bocce Blasts."

Great old photo from the cover of Il Vagabondo's restaurant menu.

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