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Dixie Jean Memorial Bocce Court
Carroll Township, PA - photos by Vince Vaccaro

Says Vince..."My wife Charlotte and I reside in a small southwestern Pennsylvania community called Carroll Township located outside the city of Monongahela. Our backyard court was dedicated the 'Dixie Jean Memorial Bocce Court' because our kids jokingly gave us for Christmas a bocce set with a printed certificate naming the court after our deceased dog 'Dixie Jean'. Little did they know how far their mother and father would go with the humorous present.

"The pictures are of the backyard area where we had the court constructed, before and after, as well as the finished court..."

"We are planning a 'wingoff bocce night' with friends and relatives who all say they cook the best wings. All and all, this year will hopefully be one of many playing bocce and having summer fun with friends and family."

"The court was built on a wasted hillside in our back. The dimensions are 62' by 11 1/2'. There is 85 ton of stone in the wall including about 15 ton of 1A-modified (crushed limestone) for the surface. With the gutters the playing area is 64' inside wall to inside wall."

At last - let the games begin!

"The gutters make for a somewhat challenging game when throwing the initial pallino to start each round and more challenging when shooting at an opponent's point ball. Any ball going in the gutter is considered out of play, even the pallino. We drove a nail half way between the side boards in the court board which holds the surface playing area back to form the gutter... if the pallino goes in the gutter then points are determined by whose ball(s) lay closer to the nail."

Scoreboard customized by Tom McNutt - click the photo to visit BocceMon.com.

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