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The Italian Athletic Club - Stockton, CA

This Italian Athletic Club is located on Cherryland Ave. in Stockton, CA. Photos by BOCCE iNK.

The courts are nestled into a park-like setting.

The outdoor courts are surfaced with Astroturf over concrete.

Six outdoor courts - 24 teams played in this round robin event. Games went to 11 points or one hour.

There appears to be great interest in this measurement.

In addition to the six outdoor Astroturf courts, there are four indoor courts on carpet.

Veteran bocce player Ron Jacobs organized and ran this excellent event.

Teams were made up of three players each rolling two balls. Pictured are the winners and runners-up. For details of the event, see Joy of Bocce Weekly, Vol. 6 - Issue 14, May 21, 2007 (Back issues).

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