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Getting Your League To The Next Level

Click the image above to read the Joy of Bocce Weekly Volume 6, Issue 6 which describes in detail how we got our bocce league to the "next level". Above you can see that we got our local newspaper to post results for bocce just like the more mainstream sports.

Our Monday morning league consists of eight teams of four players each. We have 32 regulars (21 men and 11 women) placed on teams and we also encourage guests to show up and fill in as substitutes or alternates.

Originally we made up team names like Pallino Poppers, Goodfellas, Bocce Stars, etc. After each Monday's matches we update the standings on our web site (http://www.KenWaldieSSC.org/indoor.ivnu - click the photo to view the site) and call the scores into the local newspaper.

It took some persistence on our part to get the newspaper to print bocce results (no one had ever submitted bocce scores before). Now Bocce is a regular subhead under Local Notes along with the more mainstream sports like Basketball and Softball. We also submit names of players who played well, generally rotating the names so that everyone eventually "gets some ink".

We secured eight sponsors for our teams, collecting $200 from each. Team sponsorships hereabouts go for $300 - $500, but sports like softball and baseball use paid officials, where our bocce players officiate our own games. So, since we wouldn't incur referee expenses, $200 seemed a fair price. We used most of the money to purchase team shirts.

For their sponsorship fee, the companies get the standings posted on our web site and weekly results published in the newspaper (14 weeks plus playoffs). Also, we embroider our Ken Waldie SSC logo on the front of the team shirts and silk screen the sponsor name on the back.

Having the players decked out in eight different colored shirts makes it easy for us to see which teams need an alternate for the day. We play with teams of four, so when we see only three green shirts for the Guesthouse Inn team on court 1, we know they need a substitute.

Nowadays when we call the scores in (or email) to the newspaper, it's Martignetti Enterprises, Inc. defeated Ark Insurance instead of Pallino Poppers defeated the Bocce All-Stars. We're at the next level.

The finances worked out this way: Eight sponsors times $200 = $1600 additional income minus 32 embroidered and silk screened shirts ($1064) = $536 extra in the operating expenses for the organization.

Note: Be sure to let the sponsors know how much you appreciate them. We invite our sponsors to our end-of-season luncheon/playoffs.

Encourage the players to support the sponsors. If you need insurance coverage, talk to our friends at ARK Insurance. If you are thinking of adding a room onto your home, consider All Pro Design Builders. We need to support the people who support us.

The Martignetti family also runs the annual Columbus Day weekend charity bocce tourney which is the most successful one in New England. View photos by clicking the Bocce Tidbits button and scrolling down to photo #3 - Charity Tourney Fund-Raiser (or just click on the Martignetti team shirt above).

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