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Orange Memorial Park
South San Francisco, CA

Click the photo above to learn about the Italian American Citizens Club and their bocce activities. Photos by BOCCE iNK (Richard & Barbara Heisler).

The afternoon shift.

Free Bocce Lessons - I Love it!

Good bocce & good eats - a natural!

Now that's what I call a barbecue setup.

Good balance is so important in bocce.

Check out their heavy roller. The attached brush keeps court surface material from sticking to the roller.

Lee Tennis offers some high priced rollers with Honda engines that retail for $8000 and more. This 24" X 24" Split-Roll Hand-Tow Roller sells for a lot less (not cheap, though). There are actually two drums (Split) that can be filled with water for added weight, yet can turn on the court without damaging the surface. This is the only roller that can be towed in ovals. A scraper brush is included for removing any build-up on either drum. If you are interested, send me an email inquiry (Mario@JoyofBocce.com). Lee Tennis would like to move this product into the bocce market. I'll see what kind of price I can negotiate for you.

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