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Solano County Photos Courtesy of Calvin Rinaldi

The Nut Tree Family Park has eight courts to go along with its many other amenities {Visit their web site NutTreeUSA.com by clicking the photo above.}

The eight courts are each 10' by 90' and the surface is not yet completed as of this posting (the park just re-opened in September, 2006).

Eight International size courts - they'll be able to host world class competitions here.

The Nut Tree Family Park's map legend refers to this area as the "Bocce Grove".

Removable sections like this can double as handicap access and equipment (heavy roller) access. For more info on this venue and comments by Calvin Rinaldi, see Back Issues Volume V Issue 45, December 18, 2006.

In another Solano County (CA) venue, two courts were dedicated in the name of tireless bocce promoter Al Bertellotti.

These 12' by 90' courts in Benicia look great! Note the handicap ramp and the benches located between the courts. Tennis courts to the left, picnic area to the right.

That's Calvin Rinaldi on the court. He says "Court surface still rough - rainy season in California."

Don't you just love those big courts! {Too many 60 footers back East}.

All the amenities.

ALL the amenities!

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