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Outdoor Carpeted Court Canonsburg, PA

Frank Scenna sends photos of his court construction in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. He says "First I had the material delivered and staged in the driveway, which consisted of 10 tons of '2B' slag, 10 tons of '1A' or 'dust' (pulverized limestone), 10 tons of top soil (for around the court), 12 - 6" X 6" 12 feet long (pressure treated), and a 12 feet by 60 feet roll of outdoor carpeting."

"The next step was to place 3 coats of stain on the 6 by 6's and to drill ¾-inch holes through them. After a co-worker, Jeff Lupinski laid out the court with his transit, he dug a 12-inch deep hole 12 feet wide by 60 feet long."

"Next, making numerous trips with his 'Bobcat', we placed 3 inches of the '2B' slag and used a vibrating plate compactor to compact it. This was followed by 3 inches of the '1A' (dust) and also compacted with the plate compactor. I should mention that I had help from my neighbors and fellow bocce players, Ed York, Joe Elliot, and Donna Maceiko."

"The next step was to place the 6 X 6's and drive ¾-inch reinforcing rods through the holes of the timbers."
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"This was followed by rolling out the carpet, trimming it to size, cutting and placing the 2 X 6's that were used on a 45 degree angle in the corners." {Frank's bocce group plays with the 45-degree angle corner boards - an interesting variation of play not so widely employed nowadays.}

"Just for looks I placed miniature, concrete 'Roman' columns with marble bocce balls affixed to the top of each column."

Outdoor carpet looks good!

"The final step was to paint the lines on the court and with the help of a stencil, I painted a letter 'S' (for my last name) at mid-court. I used paint made for synthetic football surfaces."
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The finished product - Magnificent! Note the 45-degree angle boards and the Roman columns.
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