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Bocce Court Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
In October of 2006 I attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was so well done that I decided to post these photos to show others how to do it. {Years ago we used to christen bocce courts by breaking a bottle of Chianti on them. Nowadays we're a lot smarter. We drink the Chianti and cut a ribbon instead}.

The Wethersfield, Connecticut chapter of UNICO National worked closely with city officials and volunteers to raise funds to build two courts at Millwoods Park. Note the brick walkway between the two 72' by 12' courts. Memorial bricks were sold as part of the fund-raising effort. UNICO National (unico.org) is the USA's largest Italian American service organization.

The bricks could be sold to local businesses as a kind of advertising.

And they can be sold as commemorative items.

UNICO's Michael Fortunato spearheaded the project and served as MC for the ceremony. For the game to grow, we need it to move from the private sector to the public - outdoor courts in a public park are "just what the doctor ordered".

Fortunato sent out Press Releases and invited local dignitaries, supporters, UNICO members, the media and bocce lovers (including me).

Recognizing the supporters and volunteers who helped get the job done is critical.

Awarding Joy of Bocce shirts to key volunteers on the project was a stroke of genius. {Click the picture above to view Joy of Bocce apparel and novelty items.}

A priest blesses the venue.

The Mayor tosses out the first pallino.

After the speeches (brevity is a virtue) you have to feed the masses. These guys grilling the sausage and peppers were on top of their game.


After the ceremonies and food, we play!

Note the playground equipment in the background. Let's all work to get courts into the public domain.

The parting shot: removable section for handicap access.

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