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Bocce on the Beach
Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Photos submitted by Bob Marra, Joe Quarterone, and Carmela Pagnoni. The charity tourney raised funds for the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground restoration fund. Bob Marra emailed some great shots and wrote "I was among the players who thoroughly enjoyed the bocce tournament at
Revere Beach Saturday and hope that this will become an annual event. When it wasn't my turn to roll, I took a few photos of the activities."

First off, you need a good looking, well dressed group of Joy of Bocce referees to manage things. You could do it without us, but it would be a disaster!

We arrive when the tide begins heading out and set up courts on the "hard pack", seeking the most nearly level spots. We set up two Backyard Bocce Courts side-by-side, working our way down the beach until we had enough courts for the field (for this event we used 12 courts for a 24 team field).

The bocce posse does some court maintenance while realizing that there is only so much you can do. It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Of course, someone has to do all the planning in advance to make sure things go off on schedule (that would be me).

When the participants arrive, they toss some balls to warm up on the courts. Before we start the event we gather everyone around one court and explain the USBF Open Rules, the tourney format, and how the day will play out.

Lunch and other refreshments under the tents is always a nice part of the day.

Some of the teams show up in full bocce regalia.

Teams can me male, female, or co-ed.

Play Ball! We used the Bobby Valvano Charity Tourney format which requires a multiple of 4 teams with 2 courts available for each 4 teams. We used 12 courts for 24 teams. Click the photo to see an explanation of this tourney format.

Depending on the terrain on the court where you were playing, you could 1 - roll, 2 - toss and let the ball run after it hits the ground, or 3 - loft the ball high in the air in the hopes of getting it to "stick" right where it lands.

Tourney organizer Lona Frongillo rolls. We can supply the equipment, the format, and the expertise, but to raise the funds for the charity you need a "mover and a shaker" like Lona to get all the pieces to come together.


Just another day at the beach!

The green band on the player's wrist tells the volunteers you are entitled to lunch. The sticker on the player's shirt indicates which team he is on. Color coded teams make things easier to administer. For example we call out "BLUE vs. GREEN will play on Court 5."

Wide base, good balance, low center of gravity - looks like a player to me!

Nice roll - good concentration.

Inside measure is always the most accurate.

Bring the family. Make it a true beach day!

The famous "grimace" shot.

Keep your eye on the ball!

The big guy takes aim - the little guy heads for cover.

For charity events the awards are usually medals and/or trophies - no cash prizes. That way the funds can go toward the cause we are supporting. There were winners in each of 6 brackets. Pictured are the Silver Medal winners.

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