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East Hills Bocce

The court has a limestone meal surface and measures 80' by 10'.

The place is beautifully laid out and aesthetically picture perfect.

On the property of Earl Hartman, it is home court (lighted for night play) for the locals' entry in the East Hills Bocce League (in existence since the early 1960's).

They have scoreboards that register 15 points but generally play games to 12.

We played one evening after the softball competition and were treated extremely well by our hosts - they didn't let us win, but they fed us.

The court features a ditch at both ends. I had heard of this type play, but never saw it before. There are no backboards - any ball that ends in the ditch, no matter how it got there, is "dead."
If the pallino gets knocked into the ditch, there is a nail that is used to measure for point(s) - look closely. Closest to the nail gets the point(s).

We were in Pittsburgh for the Senior Olympics and took home the Bronze medal for age 55-59 softball (the bocce was a side trip because it's not yet a national Senior Olympics event - we're working on that).

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