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Winter Bocce Tournament
Perrysville, PA

Bruce Lanke of the North Hills Community Bocce League & St. John's Lutheran Church sends photos of their annual Winter Bocce Tourney (2011).

Says Bruce, "We had 25 players join in on a 28 degree temperature with 7-8 inches of snow on our courts and as every year we play 'Winter Rules' which means we roll in the snow! The courts are not cleaned and you don't have to cross center line with the pallino, but have to make an attempt."

"We do abide by the ten foot line, if the ball would have bounced out of the court it's still alive! It was a challenge at first as the pallino would tunnel in the snow, you throw to the hole it made then we cleaned away the snow to see who had the point!"

"This was our 7th year for this event, it's not a true tournament, more of a social as we pick up teams and play several games. Good food, a warm fire and fellowship was had by all!"

Would that be snowshoe bocce?

Bundle up, huddle up, and play ball!

Looks like a spirited crew!

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