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Palazzo di Bocce

4291 S. Lapeer Rd. Orion MI 48359 Phone: 248-371-9987

Visitors are greeted with the message "Long Live Bocce And Those Who Love To Play."

There are 3 courts to the left of the restaurant. For the 2005 World Championships, temporary bleachers were brought in for spectators and placed on one court.

There are 3 courts to the right of the restaurant too (and temporary bleachers for spectators).

In another area are four more courts that are ideal for renting out for parties and company outings.

Bocce artwork adorns the walls.

Even the flooring is beautiful!

Always go by the rules.

Palazzo has a Pro Shop complete with shirts, balls, carry bags, and my book - that's it near the top right of the photo.

There's even closed circuit TV so you can sit at the bar and watch a game in progress.

The crowd starts to roll in as play begins.

Italy (Gianluca Formicone - left) vs. USA (Georgio Moreno - right).

Players can call a brief "time out" to confer with coaches.

A common scenario at the world championships: Player A rolled pallino and then made a close point. Player B hit the point ball and both balls ended up at the back wall. The referees then needed a long tape measure to see which ball was in. The raffa and volo shooting was outstanding.

Women's division - Switzerland vs. Turkey. Note the scoreboard to 15 points, the ball rack - actually a rubber pad with cut-outs for the balls, and the heavy duty swing board (some hard hitters hereabouts).

Unlike our informal games, referees and players get out of the way during play.

U21 - Italy's Michele Agostini (blue) defeats Switzerland's Thierry Roldan (red) and good sportsmanship prevails.

Just what the bocce doctor ordered...TV exposure.

Switzerland pulls off a stunning upset against Italy.

US Head of Delegation John Ross addresses the crowd as tournament director Frederico Cristant looks on.

Left to right - 3rd place (San Marino, 1st place (Switzerland), 2nd place (Italy).

The closing banquet was a dining extravaganza.

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