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Bocce at the beach with the Elks Lodge #2606

On January 26, 2008 Punta Gorda Elks Lodge #2606 held a bocce tournament at the Port Charlotte Beach Complex in Port Charlotte, Florida which was organized by Bill "Coach" Gurnick. Photos courtesy of Eddie Marinelli Jr. Text submitted by Don Augustine. {All proceeds from the event were donated to the "Harry Anna Fund for Children's Therapy Services." }

Above = Men's division winners. L to R Ray Bacarella, Eddie Marinelli Sr., Joe Schena and Luigi Carlesimo.

Women's division champs: L to R Ann D'Amico, Dolly Payne, Gabriella Court, and Grace Caputo.

"Here is Ursula, a serious player who enjoys the game and the challenge."

"The Jersey Jet in action, with his brother Vito watching...looking for pointers I guess."

"Raphael going for the Gold."

"Here is Tony; we all call him 'The Godfather', a super guy
with a great personality and he plays nearly every day - a good player."

"Here is Tony. He plays tough, and he waxed us at the Elks Lodge
a few times, and when he is hot, he's hot."

"Augie Lanzolotti going for the kill. They need this point."

"Joe Peppino in action refereeing the ladies' group."

"Pam (L) and Judy Gurnick (R). Judy did one heck of a job getting all the food and making preparations for the tournament. She did a great job - super woman."

"Bill Gurnick, better known to everyone as 'Coach'. He is the guy that put this tournament together and a great job he did."

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