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Bocce in the Park

Youth Bocce Tourney at the Nevins Memorial Library (Methuen, Mass.)

These photos chronicle how to run a small tourney through your local library (or other community organization). First step is to enlist the help of a well-organized librarian and some volunteers. Then get the word out about the upcoming event. Use a portable easel to post your tourney brackets.

The event is geared toward 3rd to 6th graders, but we allow parents and grandparents to join in too. We gather the troops and give a brief primer on bocce and how the day will play out.

Round up some first-rate referees from your bocce posse. You'll need them to help run the games and, with 3rd to 6th graders, they'll also come in handy for crowd control.

Find a good site to set up some of Chris Pfeiffer's portable bocce courts (we set up four on this lovely spot right outside the library doors). {Click the photo for info on Backyard Bocce Courts}

Another aerial view of the action - you'll need to beg, borrow, or steal a set of balls and a scoreboard for each court. Click the photo to view the Nevins Memorial Library web site.

Let the games begin!

Be on the lookout for first-rate athletes such as this one (admiring females in the background a sure tip-off).

Speaking of first-rate athletes...

Moms can play too!

Linda Fay, one of the top female players in our area, is always available to referee and instruct.

Bocce teaches kids body English at an early age.

And sometimes they learn to handle adversity too.

With a little effort and a little luck, you might be able to get the local newspaper to send a photographer (Katie McMahon). {Click the photo to view a great shot that she captured at our 2007 Nevins event.}

Try to get a business or other benefactor to donate trophies or other prizes for the winners. Please feel free to copy the model and run a similar event. You'll be spreading the joy of bocce to many.

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