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2011 National Championship Games
Campo di Bocce of Los Gatos
Campo di Bocce of Livermore

The 2011 Nationals were played at the two California Campo di Bocce facilities. The Open Divisions started at Los Gatos. Photos by Joe Quartarone and Mario Pagnoni.

Right off the bat we ran into Ken Dothée and Donna Allen. In their early days with the USBF these two probably did more for the growth of bocce than anyone.

Next we ran into our buddies from the East, so we posed with Steve Mariucci. Virtually all the competitors were from California. One PRV team was from Michigan's Palazzo and only my guys from Massachusetts and the boys from Huntington/Long Island, and Yonkers made the trip.

In my team's first match with this gang - Team Baresi - we lost 12 - 0, which resulted in the following photographs...
Fanny kissing time - you get shut out - your fate is sealed.

Here's the bracket for the pool we were competing in. Interestingly enough, the team that beat us 12 - 0 lost by a 12 - 0 whitewashing to a team that we defeated 12 - 9. Go figure.

After two days playing in the Open B Division, we regrouped, had a great dinner and got ready for the Punto Raffa Volo competition.

Pete DiTuri was on hand to do play-by-play and color commentary single handedly for Bocce1.com . Tireless Pete did yeoman's work! You can check results at www.bocce1.com/standings.aspx .

Volo superstar Ben Tosi was on hand to compete. Here he sports some new hardware.

Three of the four outstanding Bocce Playing Bernardis. Joey, Navina, and Dario are pictured - Mom, Natalina is missing from the photo.

We had a great PRV match against Bocce Amici. You play international rules - first triples, then singles, followed by doubles. No player may compete in more than two of the three games. Left to right are Joe Quartarone, Bob Reina, Mario Pagnoni, Joe Pena, Ralph Bagarella, and Kerry Kiernan.

Playaboule's Bede Kortegast was in the house hawking his excellent Perfetta Bocce - click the photo to visit Playaboule.com.

Tony Bruno not only played in the tourney, but aired his nation-wide radio show from the premises. Click the photo to visit TonyBrunoShow.com .

Did a TV interview while I was there.

Autographed a fair share of Campo's Joy of Bocce books too!

The action got fast and furious. Here Luca Fontana fires away.

There are so few of us who can play so well and make a fashion statement at the same time!

This gentleman makes a statement of another kind.

David Camardo...a study in reflection.

The 2011 Punto Raffa Volo Champs from Palazzo di Bocce. Left to right are Brian Polantz, Jason Wisniewski, Joy of Bocce Public Relations man Joe Quartarone, Chuck Weeden, and Jose Botto. They'll represent the USA at the 2012 World Bocce Championships at Campo di Bocce of Livermore.

Palazzo di Bocce's Jose Botto is one of the premier players in the country. Notice how the ball is curled up in his wrist as he attempts a raffa. Botto has an uncanny knack for hitting the opponent's point away solidly and with so much backspin that it sticks just about where it hit. In effect, his ball basically takes the place of the opponent's ball.

The 2011 PRV runners-up. Phil Ferrari, Michela Nicosia, Dario Bernardi, and Joey Bernardi.

John and Anrea Ross are always around to help organize things and to volunteer to officiate matches. We took a side trip to visit their nearby home court at Shady Oak Wine Cellars.

Great looking court at John and Andrea Ross' Shady Oak Wine Cellars and Bocce Club.

Then I got a chance to visit Mario Veltri to view his world class collection of nailed boules. Click the photo to learn more about nailed boules of old.

Veltri had a fabulous way to display the boules in his office - a great set-up that I'd like to copy ASAP.

Finally, we got to visit with Joy of Bocce faithful readers Tom and Diane Walsh whose great bocce court adorns page 151 of the Joy of Bocce 3rd edition. Great hosts, we had a wonderful time playing bocce on top of the mountain and met and competed with the Walsh bocce posse.

Tom Walsh and I by his nifty scoreboard complete with bell to "ring in" your points. With his home on top of the mountain, there is a great view of Monterey Bay in the distance.

Tom has a great court...

...great friends...

...a great view from the mountain top...

...a fine pointing style...

...and is master of all he surveys!

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