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United States National Championships - 2007

Campo di Bocce Livermore (California) opened its doors for the United States National Open Championships as well as the National Raffa Championships (Winner will represent the USA at the 2007 World Championships in Brazil).

Opening Ceremonies - photos courtesy of Kathi Tesarz - www.tesarzservices.com (click the photo above to visit her site).

The fabulous venue features outdoor as well as indoor courts.

Some matches go to 15 points.

First we need some enthusiastic and well dressed players.

Then we take a few practice rolls. Notice that the bocce are not all traditional red and green. Also, when you play on these state-of-the-art surfaces, the beautiful finish and luster won't wear off as they do on stone dust and clay courts. Note: if you know any color-blind players, those yellow balls are the answer.

Let the games begin. Note: in international play you may step on the line when pointing.

Each year the USBF (United States Bocce Federation) attempts to attract to this competition the top male and female players from around the USA.

They're using the stainless steel pallino which is a lot heavier (283 g, 41 mm) and safer as it isn't likely to be knocked into the crowd via a fast-moving raffa. Click the photo to view stainless steel pallinos on Mike Grasser's DaVinciBocce.com.

Looks like they're using the Premier Boule Measure for accurate, inside measure (my favorite measuring device - click the photo to view more pics and details).

The incomparable Dr. Cordano - smooth as silk!

Ya gotta love the team uniform colors.

Looks like orange has the last two balls and is attempting to shoot the pallino to the backboard. If successful, orange should score 4 points.

What could have tourney organizer and competitor Ben Musolf so befuddled? Hint: see next photo.


Pride of the Yankees (John Dine) has great form.

Football analyst John Madden (a bocce aficionado) was in the house!

Joy of Bocce faithful Richard Heisler wrote..."Serious TV coverage was there, mostly concentrated on the triples competition in the Raffa Finals. Watching the boom camera following the ball was way cool. This is a production by, I believe, John Madden's son and should air on big time TV."

Tactis, Tactics, Tactics. Ours is a cerebral game.

The strategy must have worked. These guys are experiencing the Joy of Bocce!

Gold medal winners headed to Brazil. Team from Palazzo di Bocce (Orion, Michigan). Captain Jorge Moreno, Jason Wisniewski, Mike Lapcevich, Dr. Angel Cordano.

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