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Monterey State Historic Park

Submitted by Boccemon's Tom McNutt, these pics show the courts at The Custom House Plaza in Monterey's Historic Park. Tom tells us that the Plaza is next to Fisherman's Wharf. "If you find yourself at the far end of Alvarado Street, go to the Cooper Molera Complex. It is also adjacent to the Double Tree Inn complex. It's a great part of coastal California."

The three courts are 12' by 72'. According to McNutt, "They play quite well for public courts and some maintenance equipment is available if you're not happy with things." That's the Double Tree Inn in the background.

The courts have scoreboards that use golf tees as scoring markers. Tom says "Players can go directly to Pebble Beach after morning bocce and sneak in a round or two, then come back for sunset bocce." Life is good!

Close-up of corner shows carpet material to reduce rebound of balls off backboard. Look carefully and you'll notice that there is a ditch at the endboard to make sure your ball is dead when it rolls that far.

Scoreboard - green to the left, red to the right - golf tees fit neatly into the holes to keep track of the score.

Court maintenance tool.

Court maintenance tool close-up.

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