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Medford Boat Club

The Medford Boat Club (Medford, Massachusetts) has a great court and league play that is steeped in long-standing tradition. They invited me to speak at their annual banquet held on the same night as the league finals.

The 65' by 13' court is a mixture of clay and stone dust.

The court has been in existence for a long time. No one seems to know who built it or how long ago it was constructed. One of the most senior members, an octogenarian, declares that "It's been here since I was a kid."

The Boat Club has other amenities too. The club is situated between two of the three Mystic Lakes. Besides sailing, swimming, and hosting regattas, the club offers many social activities. Click the photo above to view their web site.

Medford Boat Club Bocce tradition holds that players must have one foot touching the back wall when rolling.

They play to 12 hereabouts - pretty standard around most of the USA. I see bocce spelled with an "i" sometimes. I think it may have a French origination because I have a set of nailed boules with the word "BOCCI" painted on the original wooden box.

The venue is lighted for night play. Another long-standing tradition allows for no measuring for points. Whatever the referee calls is accepted without question.

2008 Medford Boat Club Men's Champs.

After the finals we moved indoors for good food and drink and a brief talk on bocce by yours truly (I can talk bocce non-stop until I get "gonged" by the powers that be.) Click the photo above to view the Joy of Bocce Weekly issue describing Medford Boat Club Bocce.

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