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Mount Carmel Society Bocce
Springfield, Massachusetts

These courts belong to the Mt. Carmel Society in the south end of Springfield, Massachusetts. Note the courts to the left of the building. For our sport to grow, we need to get more courts in the public sector. Although these courts are private, members and guests can use them as long as league action is not in progress.

Close-up shows the two 10' by 76' courts. Note the gradually increasing height of the boards near the ends. Western Mass. players tend to be hard hitters and balls (especially the pallino) occasionally deflect into the stands. The added height is for safety and to keep balls in play.

Note the clock scoreboard. Games go to a score of 12. When a team reaches eleven, players often refer to it as "Eleven o'clock." Note too the swing board - Western Mass. players tend to keep the ball live if it hits the backboard even if it hit no other ball first.

View from the opposite end showing spectator seating and overhead lights.

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