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Las Vegas 2013 Tournament

1st Place - Hard Knocks: Amadio Egizii, Colleen Randazzo and Tony Randazzo (Captain)

2nd Place - Come Dine With Us: Rick Dine (Captain), Joe Dine and John Dine
3rd Place - Campo Di Bocce: Gerald Gilligan, Dario Bernardi (Captain), and Luca Fontana

4th Place - New York: Frank De Santis, Guy De Santis (Captain), and Jack Bilancia

Tied for 5th & 6th Place - La Cresta: John Lascari, Biagio Lombardo, and Domenic Lombardo (Captain)

Tied for 5th & 6th Place - Florida: Tony Ceresoli Sr.,
Dr. Angel Cordano (Captain), and Tony Ceresoli Jr.

Tied for 7th & 8th Place - So. Cal. Warriors: Miguel Tamagno (Captain), Luigi Pelliccia, and Pat Limatola

Tied for 7th & 8th Place - Rancho Bernardo: (from left) Luigi Farace (Captain), Peter Hafer, and (on far right) Nino Giannone;
Tied for 9th and 10th Place - Esquire Canucks: (in red shirts above, from left): Matt Patreau (Captain), Gail Patreau, and Melissa Simms

Tied for 9th and 10th Place - Bulls Eyes: Sam Caeti (Captain), Filippo Tarrantini, and Lorenzo Pecoraro

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