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Las Cruces, New Mexico Bocce

This week's photos come courtesy of Charles G. Apuan of Las Cruces New Mexico. They show his beautiful backyard court built in honor of his son, Sgt. Matthew S. Apuan, who died in Baghdad, Iraq on February 18, 2007, during his second tour in that country.

According to Charles..."On his first tour, he came home for two weeks for R&R. On the day before he returned to Iraq, he told me that should anything happen to him, that I was to install a bocce court behind the house.

I learned to play bocce with elderly Italians many years ago in Monterey, California. My son knew I love the game, and the court makes me both sad and happy at the same time.
{Happy and sad at the same time. I feel the same way as I read Charles' words. To lose a son or daughter is a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. The bocce court and the joy it will bring is a wonderful tribute to the memory of Sgt. Matthew S. Apuan.}

"The surface is SynLawn synthetic grass. The court is 60' x 10'. The only maintenance I've had to do is blowing the leaves off with an electric blower before playing."

I asked Charles for more info on the subsurface preparation. We are concerned with making the surface roll fast and true with as little bounce as possible.}
"A very thin layer of sand was also placed on top of the compacted aggregate (a fertilizer spreader was used) because the installers said the balls would roll quicker/better (something to that effect)."
{Click the photo to visit synlawn.com }

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