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Joe Scaletta's Kelley Island Bocce Gang - photos by Joe Scaletta who writes...
"Our home is a waterfront home located on Kelley's Island, a Lake Erie Island. I've always wanted to have a Columbus Day party and was able to do so this year since I'm retired and I put in a Bocce court. Approximately 30 neighbors and friends attended this stag party. We started at noon with Italian meats, cheeses, olives, stuffed peppers with sausage and grilled Italian sausage. The beverage of choice was home made Italian wine."

"We had a pairs Bocce Ball tournament which lasted about 3 hours and then everyone made their own pizza and we cooked it in the wood fired oven my son built this summer. We also had a wood fired oven at our home on the mainland so we have plenty of experience in cooking all types of food in a wood fired oven."
{Sounds like a world class event!}

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