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Ithaca, NY Bocce

Photos by Eugene Jack Gianforti show off two courts at Stewart Park on Rt. 13 in Ithaca, NY. See Joy of Bocce Weekly Issue IX - 37 for details.

Gianforti says "I think they (the courts) are about 60' long, no swingboards. They are, I believe, a concrete bed covered with gravel."

Looks like they might use the white line (on sideboard) for pointing and the red for hitting. This seems to be common on short courts (60 feet and less).

Says Gianforti, "There are two things I love about these courts. The imprints and ball trails are left so, like the fossil record, you can see some of the styles of other bocce players in the area (even if you haven't met them). Bocce Detectives! Also, the courts are uncovered, so all it takes is a hard rain or quick sweep to smooth them out again."

This guy's a hitter!

"I've played on courts that are a pure clay surface with no gravel or loose dirt dusting and found that the imprints left are deeper, more permanent (especially on covered courts) and affect play more."

Intelligent bocce play gives you a lot to think about. Please follow Eugene's lead and think about sending photos from your neck of the woods.

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