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2011 Interstate Ladies Tournament
(Kansas City/St. Louis and Chicago (Highwood) for "Bragging Rights".

Chicago ladies retain "bragging rights" - photos and text by Jim Boylan.
"The Highwood Bocce Club hosted the three-day Interstate Ladies Bocce Tournament. Organized by Jackie Johnson, Highwood Bocce Club, 21 teams (seven members each) from Chicago (Highwood), Kansas City and St. Louis battling for "bragging rights" for this year. Chicago came away the winner in a close battle with St. Louis by a total score of 33 wins with St. Louis coming in at 27 wins and Kansas City with 14. 74 games were played during the three-day event. Chicago, which won last year's tournament in St. Louis, has come out on top 14 times since the inaugural in 1985.
In the end it is not who won or lost but the gathering of kindred souls who love the game and thoroughly look forward to seeing each other yearly. Next year, Kansas City will play host."

"Joe Ori, president, Highwood Bocce Club, welcomes the participants in the 3-day Interstate Ladies Bocce Tournament, held at the Highwood Bocce Club. 21 teams gathered together and played in the event which had its beginnings in 1985. Next year, Kansas City will play host."

"There was some very fine play and as you can see some very fine shooting during the three-day event."

"Representative from Kansas City attempts to break up the opponents' cluster of balls that are nearest to the pallino."

"Referee measures a possible point while representatives from the Kansas City and Highwood teams stand by for the results."

"Teresa Ori, Highwood, rolls her ball in the direction of the opponents' ball nearest the pallino. She accomplished what she set out to do by securing her ball nearest to the pallino and knocking her opponents' balls away."

"Spectators, and competitors enjoy the excitement of the matches but also the fellowship that has marked this event since inception in 1985. Next year Kansas City will play host."

"Spectators and teammates observe play on courts 1 (right) and 2 (left) during Friday night's opening matches of the three-day Interstate Ladies Bocce Tournament hosted by the Highwood Bocce Courts."

"The new scoreboards located at the south end of each of the 4 courts, in this case courts 1 and 2, were put in when the new courts were put in during spring. Above the number on the railing is a box electronically connected to each score board where the team representative can punch in the score and after the game clear the board for the upcoming game."

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