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Jefferson Park
Hollywood, Florida

Courts built by the city and maintained by the local bocce players. Flat soled shoes only on the court. These guys don't want you digging up the smooth, fast playing surface which is 70 percent clay, 30 percent Har-Tru.

There are other amenities in the park (like tennis). Bocce in the public domain is great for the growth of the game.

As in international punta, raffa, volo, they play the backboard and sideboards dead. But they don't mark each ball's position and don't employ all the elements of that game. This adaptation of international rules is referred to as "mezza regola" (half rules).

The well maintained courts indicate that the arrangement with the city/recreation department and the bocce gang is working well.

The courts are designed to include a seating area with footrest above each endboard.

As is common around the USA, games here are played to 12 points.

Note the white and red lines painted on the sideboards. They can go up to the white line to point or hit. When rolling the pallino from the opposite end, it must come to rest before the red line.

They use a rug to groom the court between matches.

"A beautiful start to the day."

This photo and the ones that follow (plus captions) courtesy of Joseph Dinneen - 2009.

"Getting ready to play."

"Mine is the red ball."

"No need to measure."

"My good friend Vincenzo."

"Waiting for the next game"

"Fato! - or They better hope my ball doesn't land on the tennis courts."

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