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Herrin, Illinois' Youth Movement

Photos by Debby Bussler who says...
"After reading your article about the younger generation of Bocce.... I just have to respond with information regarding a newly formed league in Herrin, IL. whose popularity is increasing with each passing week."

"Herrin Bocce Club member, Jon Maleski conceived the idea this past spring to form a 'Family Night' Bocce league on the Herrin courts which would be alcohol free and would welcome all family members....including young people and even some older children. He had hoped that it would attract some of the younger players as well as older players from the other Herrin leagues and from some of the surrounding towns."

"Well, his hopes have been surpassed by the continuing influx of players each week.....just from 'word of mouth'... to the Monday evening event."

"So....Bocce is not just a game for the aging population....but rather a game where old and young can come together to participate in a sport equally loved by all."

"This is Josh Heath and his daughter Paisley who is 8 months old. Josh is 23 and a pretty darn good bocce player. Isn't this just the ultimate example of 'Family Night' in Herrin IL? Hot, sticky August evening with Dad holding his baby girl while throwing the ball."

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