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National Bocce Day 2011
Honoring Bill Hadley
The Wounded Warrior Regiment

Organized in 2011 by BocceNation.com, they set August 13th as a day to run an event for a charity. We chose to honor our late friend and his charity of choice - the Wounded Warrior Regiment (Marines). Above - we check everyone in, accept their donations, and register all participants. {Photos by the Hadley family, Joe Quartarone, and Carmela Pagnoni.}

After everyone has had their morning coffee and pastry, we sit them down and get everyone on the same page, explaining how the day will play out.

The games begin. There were 12 teams of 4 players each broken into 4 pools of 3 teams each. Each team played the other two teams in its pool. After pool play, two teams from each pool advance to the single elimination bracket (based on wins, losses, and point differential). Pool play games go to 9 points or 25 minutes, whichever comes first. Elimination games go to 12 points with no time limit.

She rolls with style.

And evaluates the result...

The "young pups" have a style all their own.

It soon became clear that the place was loaded with style!

Lots of Red Sox fans hereabouts.

These guys can play!

Bill's family watches the play with great interest.

Bill's friend Leo can still play!

Larry's crucial shot seems to be drawing a lot of attention.

Sportsmanship is the order of the day.

At noon we serve a first class lunch.

With a target from BocceNation.com, players can win prizes by rolling bocce balls into the rings for 1 to 5 points (five points for a bull's eye).

Players roll four balls toward the target, trying to score as many points as possible to win a prize. The fourth ball is a yellow one - like the NBA, it's the "bonus ball" that counts double!

You've seen the Oscar. This is the Hadley. Bill was a VERY smart man. Somewhere in between being a policeman, US marine, father, husband and more, he found time to work on the Space Shuttle's heat shield during his engineering career. {He could fix just about anything with a little ingenuity and some duct tape.}

Proud winners of the 2011 Hadley Award (Mrs. Hadley in the background avoiding the limelight).

The Hadley gang - they let me in the photo too (Bill had a way of making you feel like you were part of his family).

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