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Riverfront Park, Haverhill, MA

Located behind George's Restaurant and the Tap in Haverhill, MA, the city built a lovely court by the Merrimack River.

The Merrimack River is to the left of the photo and the restaurants are to the right. The court is in the public domain - Riverfront Park.

Gazebo makes for a nice place to set up coffee and pastry for our morning bocce experience.

The court was funded by donations and city workers constructed it. As is often the case, they called me in for consultation after it was already built. I'd have tried to convince them to squeeze in two narrower courts - it's awfully tough to run events on a single court.

The workers did a good job, considering. They found some plans on line and followed them. No swingboard or dead board - hey, we can live with that. They used a couple inches of Rapid Dry for top dressing. That's the stuff college and professional baseball teams use to dry the field after rain storms. It plays too slow - is dusty - won't harden - you make footprints when you walk on it - like playing bocce in the desert.

But run a tourney on a single court is what we did. This 12-team tourney coincided with an annual Italian festival. Here Latitude Sports Clubs owner and tourney MVP Ralph Bagarella struts his stuff. Click the photo to visit the Latitude Sports Clubs web site.

The 12-team round robin event was well attended by players and spectators. Above: congratulations are in order after the final match.

The event organizers were smart enough to get their tourney sanctioned by the United States Bocce Federation (USBF), the Governing Body of Bocce in America. You should do the same for your event - contact USBF President Danny Passaglia at dannygw@covad.net . Click the photo to visit the USBF web site.

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