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Koosh Ball & Cannon Ball Bocce

Photos by Bocceboard creator Bob Gross who says "I decided to submit a few pics I know you will either find funny or totally against the laws of bocce. As you can see, we play many teams at one time. Three balls each. We also have two other balls in play. One, the koosh, is a penalty ball. If your ball hits it, you put a dollar on the ground (Winner gets koosh money). The other is the cannon (kill) ball. If your ball hits the cannon, the ball is out for the game. This certainly quickly reduces the number of balls on the court. And yes, just like my bocceboard game, we use 45 degree corners. FYI We actually play regulation too."

Lots of balls including a Koosh ball, a Cannon ball (I couldn't tell you which one is which), and 45 degree angle boards. Click the photo to view Bob's Bocceboard.com.

Looks like there's three bucks in the "Koosh Kitty." Click the photo and then scroll down a bit if you are interested in the string measure being used (Clubhawk Gold).

Whenever I hear about another unusual way to play bocce, it makes me think two different things. First I think "What a mess our game is in this country. So many variations, so many different rules and styles of play. No standardization."
Then I muse..."Isn't it amazing how our game survives, flourishes, and transcends all the idiosyncrasies and nuances of play? So many can find so many different ways to enjoy what is for most, a classic game of one-upmanship. How can I get my ball to end up closer to the target than yours?"

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