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No Boys Allowed Bocce

The women arrive circa 5:30 PM and start by consuming fine foods. {See Joy of Bocce Weekly, Volume VII, Issue #31 for the full story. Photos by photographer/bocce star Clare Coco - clarecoco.com. Click the photo above to visit her excellent web site}.

Some visit the bar for a beverage or two. There is often a "Margarita of the week" to imbibe.

This league is about friendship!

This league is about camaraderie!

And it's about bocce!

The concentration, skill, and excitement levels are all high!

The woman can play - comes from good bocce stock!

Sometimes there are six players per team, three partners stationed at each end rolling two bocce balls each.

Sometimes they play and eat at the same time.

They make good shots...

And they react!

They discuss stategy.

They execute.

They celebrate!

Play goes well into the night in this well-lighted bocce venue.

The darkness or late hour doesn't affect this caliber player.

They just keep on keeping on into the night.

Showing a lot more sportsmanship than the men, the night ends up with high fives all around...

...and thumbs up + applause.

And finally the admonition - No Boys Allowed!

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