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Havana Rollers Bocce Compound

The 80' by 14' court is at the home of Tom Grella. He and his circle of friends enjoy good bocce play and good cigars.

Young Tom Grella Jr. can play great bocce, smoke fine cigars, and make a fashion statement all at the same time.

That's Tom Sr. on the far left and Tom Jr. on the far right. Better book ends I've never seen. They enjoy bocce, cigars, and a family business. Visit their web site (grellafinancial.com) by clicking on the photo.

There are nicely designed seating areas at each end and a cabana with TV (lots of Red Sox lovers) and bar (a few martini lovers).

View of the cabana (affectionately referred to as "the little house") and the staircase effect of the sideboards at the ends of the court. These are high enough for safety but not so high as to obstruct the view of spectators (often 30 or more players on game night).

The nearer the end board, the more tiers. Yes, that's a 7-foot drag brush hanging on the fence...great for quick court maintenance - one pass down and one back even on a 14 foot wide court.

Swing board - nicely padded.

Ball racks built in - red on one side, green on the other.

Crucial for night play - mosquito deterrent.

Crucial for play any time - good food. Do you know about crispelli? If not, you are a victim of cultural deprivation. Send email for recipe. Better yet go to Back Issues Volume 5, Issue 26 for the details. Clicking the above photo will take you there.

View of pergola and outdoor dining area (bocce court to the left). This is a fabulous job of incorporating bocce into an already lovely backyard space.

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