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Gotcha Bocce

Gotcha Bocce, 1701 UPS Drive, is open from 11 a.m. to approximately 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1-10 p.m. Sunday. Call (502) 326-5555 or e-mail indoorbocce@yahoo.com for more information.

These pictures (from Vol. IV, Issue 31, August 22, 2005) showcase the facility at Gotcha Bocce in Louisville, KY. Above is a good look at four of the six carpeted courts in the venue operated by Bob Valvano.

Angelina's Cafe, featuring secret family recipes, is on the premises. There are courtside tables for dining, but no food on the courts.

Coach Sobel talks to the troops before the tourney tip-off. The windows in the background overlook the hockey rink.

Pre-game warm-ups for the doubles tournament.

Under the "It's a Small World" category...a couple of my old students at Methuen High School (Massachusetts) who relocated to Louisville came by to visit during my trip to Gotcha Bocce.

Let the games begin. Note that the foul lines are less than 5 feet from the end. No run-up raffa approach - this is a genteel game, one of touch & finesse.

Six of the niftiest, well-crafted indoor courts you are ever going to see. Hats off to the Kentucky - Indiana Lumber Co.

Easily removable sections allow for handicap access.

You can enjoy a sandwich or some pasta and view the action from Angelina's Cafe.

You can even grab a table by the windows overlooking the hockey rink and stay warm while watching your kid skate.

Low tech scoreboards are situated by each court.

Coach V has perfected what has been called the "diaper dip" delivery. Wide, balanced base...ball delivered from the center line of the body...the man has style!

Yes, Coach V beat me while I was there. Didn't everyone? Although it looks like I have two shots left to his none...this might be the frame I won.

The coach's signal for a four-bagger (four points in the frame). Finger up rotating in a circular motion like an umpire signaling for a home run.

Signal = you had the point, your last shot "sold" it. The other team now has one point.

At night's end Raffa, the robotic vacuum, readies the carpet for the next day's action.

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