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Golden Isles Tennis & Bocce Complex
Hallandale, Florida

Lots of great tennis courts and 3 excellent and well maintained bocce courts.

The sign that greets you only hints at the recreational paradise that awaits.

A single court here and two more on the other side of the bleachers. All about 13' by 78' with a 70% - 30% fine red clay and Florida stone dust mix.

The double court is separated by a walking space and spectator benches.

Looking Good!

Another view. Note the green ball rack.

We've seen this seating arrangement at the ends of several Florida bocce venues. That's Joe Scuderi to the left and Joe Santagada (who maintains the courts) to the right. At one point in a match we played, Santagada (an excellent player) should have scored 3 points, but misfired on one attempt and only scored 2. In his best broken English, the good natured Joe offered "I make-a sale. I make-a discount - one-third off."

Dr. and Mrs. Cordano gave us a few pointers during our visit. It was Florida vs. Mass. in our bocce match. You can guess how that turned out. Hint: Mass. was consistently on the losing end as Vicky Cordano hit away every point we got near the target!

Always rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate!

Another look at the ball rack set-up.

They groom the courts hereabouts with a large section of carpet pulled by a rope.

This home-made rake/grader is yet another grooming tool for the courts. {Click the photo, then scroll down to see Lee Tennis' 7' drag brush which works great for bocce courts.}

Like most places I visit, they play to 12 hereabouts.

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