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Carmel Valley California

"Tom McNutt, from Boccemon, sent me your book, The Joy of Bocce, when I ordered some supplies from him. I got the book after finishing my home court in Carmel Valley, CA. I truly loved reading the book and wished I had read it before starting my project. I specially enjoyed your chapter on Strategy and Tactics."

"I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures if my almost finished court/project:
-the court is 62'x13'
-140' of drain pipe was placed inside 3"-6" of cloth wrapped drain rock w/ 3" of recycled road base on top of that
-the surface is an oyster shell/clay mix from Assured Aggregates, a local materials contractor
-a stamped/etched concrete border was used to somewhat match the existing walkways/patio which surround our home"

" -the scoreboard was copied from a picture I saw on the internet
-rough cut 2"x4" redwood was used for the runners
-the project will be finished when lighting is installed using the masts from two Hobie Cat 16's, one can be seen in the background, it is currently being used as a flag pole
-the ball holders were recycled after making several of them to use as guides to secure the runners in a level position while screwing them into the concrete walls"

"I still need to add some surface mix and screed the court again. It plays well, but I think I can improve it w/ a little more effort.
Thanks again for the good read."
Tom Dietrich

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