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Bocce in the North Georgia Mountains

According to Bill Craig..."The court was built two years ago next to our new home. We moved our jewelry business from Atlanta to the North Georgia Mountains in 2004. I was introduced to Bocce many years ago when I was in the restaurant business in Atlanta. Our restaurant had a small 35' court on an outdoor patio and people lined up to play every night. Since then, I have always had a Bocce court at my home. The one in the photo is 60' by 12'.

We used railroad crossties for the boards. The surface is hard packed Georgia red clay with a top dressing of crushed marble aggregate. The marble business is very big around here and the aggregate is a byproduct of that and was readily available. It looks like white sand but has cured to a slightly firm surface. We rake it between games."
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This will be the view from the deck on the far end of the court.
"We play with neighbors and friends almost every evening as we have installed lights for night play. We are building a deck and viewing area around the far end of court this summer. The deck will have an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One of our neighbors (after learning the game from us) has also built a court just like ours at his home. I think we may have started something!"

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