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50th Wedding Anniversary
Bocce Blast!

bocce outing
First the participants enjoy a fine dinner in any of the excellent Boston restaurants. Then they make their way over to the three great bocce courts on Commercial St. We give them a little primer on bocce and explain how the bocce event will play out.

Boston Bocce outing
We supply a highly trained crew of Joy of Bocce officials.

Boston Bocce Outing
Let the games begin!

Boston Bocce Wedding
The child bride rolls as crack referee Natale DeMarco observes.

Boston Bocce Outing
Teams are picked at random by way of color-coded stickers. Some participants even make a fashion statement during play.

Boston Bocce Outing
The court is rimmed with large stone embankments which virtually welcome you to come sit and watch. That's the Charles River in the background. Old Ironsides and the Bunker Hill Monument can be viewed from the courts. {That's Simona Bares rolling - she organized the party for her parents. Simona's a bicycle commuting consultant in New York. Check her website - BigAppleBike.com by clicking the photo.}

Bocce Outing
Sometimes a great shot like this...

Bocce Outing
...generates a reaction like this!

Bocce Outing
Sometimes a party-crasher like this...

Bocce Outing
...generates much discussion and considerable consternation.

Bocce Outing
But, at day's end, to the victor go the spoils...

Interested in a bocce party/outing such as this...anywhere in the USA...email BocceGuy@JoyofBocce.com .

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